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      • Wuxi RECO Automotive Parts CO.,Ltd.
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      • ADD: NO.5 Xianghe Road, Yangshi, Luoshe Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.CHINA
    無錫市立科汽車部件有限公司  view   Date 2019/10/01

    Company is located in Hui Shan district, Wuxi (Yangtse Rive Delta economic section), which is one of the best developed industrial areas in China, convenient transportation (abut upon 312national highway and Hu-Ning highway), congregated around lots of manufacture and trade ventures which are also specialized in related industries, it is the highland in manufacturing in auto parts lines in China.

    Our company origin can trace back to 1999 when Wuxi Yangshi rectifier plant had been founded, we produced small power products with simple configuration based on simple and crude production conditions, mainly used for farming vehicle、tractor and low brand diesel oil vehicle in order to satisfy requirements around markets at that time.Wuxi Reco Automotive Parts Co.,LTD. has been founded in August,2008. “Like”means “base on science and technology”, applying it to build company taking science and technology for his standpoint.

    We start to develop international trade from 2003, products largely are exported to North America、South America、Europe、Middle East、Southeast, covering DELCO、Ford、DENSO、MISTUBISHI、HITACHI、BOSCH、LUCAS、ISKRA series and so on, we passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System Attestation the same year.

    From 2005, we enhance inside match set marketing development, based on existing diesel engine vehicle match set, fully developing saloon car marketing match set. And at the same time, actively shoot for outside sales marketing super customers, establishing lasting friendly cooperation with companies attached with European international fame.

    Factory has production capacity with annual production 2 million sets rectifiers and 12 million pcs rectifier diodes tube after two reconstructions.

    Markets can’t be developed without independent of management system continuing improvement. We passed ISO/TS16949:2002 Quality System Attestation in August 2009.

    WUXI RECO, will run true to the form, continue to improve, strive to satisfy customers requirements, staff welfare, self-development.

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