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    Plant name: Zibo star transmission machinery factory Contact: Manager Wei Sales Department: 13869399865 13583375122 Fax: 0533-2716182 Web site: Mailbox: [email protected]


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Zibo star transmission machinery plant-year formal production plant in 1993, 1994, ISO9001 quality system certification, blenders industry renowned companies. Main engaged in non-standard mixing device, and deceleration machine and the all Kettle with mixing device of development, and design, and and manufacturing, main products has: various non-standard, and standard Blender mixer; coupling; all non-standard, and standard machine frame; belt spiral cone gear deceleration machine; spiral cone gear deceleration machine; hard tooth surface oblique gear f, and r, and k series deceleration machine; cone cylindrical gear deceleration machine; Cycloid needle round deceleration machine; non-standard, and standard enamel reaction Kettle, and stainless steel reaction Kettle; high pressure Kettle; storage tank; distillation tank; heat exchanger......
Mechanical seal Different types of reaction kettle Reducer
Blender Standard gear rack Production workshop
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Congratulation... [2012-6-5]
Congratulation... [2012-6-6]
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Zibo Huax... [2012-6-6]
( belt&nb... [2012-6-6]
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  Spiral bevel gear reducer K series  
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  Cycloidal pin wheel reducer horizontal  
  Cycloidal needle wheel reducer vertical  
  Cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer  
  ZLZ spiral bevel gear reducer  
  ZLZ spir...  

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